The Perch

January 2017

Welcome, my feathered friends, to our new website. Motor City Bird Breeders has an exciting year planned for our Bird and Tropical Fish Expo. Every expo we look forward to seeing returning and new vendors bringing the public expert advice on the care and well-being of caged birds. We have experts from around the country to ask questions you may have on your pet bird. Also if you are considering adding a feathered companion or new resident to your aquarium, we provide the public with several species of birds and tropical fish to choose from. Also the products needed to care for these animals.

Owning a bird can be a big commitment. Motor City Bird Breeders continues to provide the public education. I am happy to announce expert Jason Crean who raises toucans and has many years of experience with other species of parrots. Jason will be giving a seminar on benefits of feeding birds tea; also he will be giving a 45-minute talk on nutrition.

It is very important that as a bird owner we provide our birds with proper nutriton and also plenty of mind stimulation. Birds are very intelligent. Birds can become bored easily. In the wild, parrots would search for their food. So it's important that even domestic birds get the oppurtunity, such as putting food in toys where parrots have to work to get the food out. Also give finches the experience of eating live mealworms.

In acquiring a new bird or fish we recommend doing your homework and research so you are perpared to provide your animals with an amazing life. I look forward to seeing everyone at our next expo, Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Jeffrey Oliver, MCBB Expo Director

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